Mozilla Foundation must be feeling a bit like Microsoft now. Their Firefox browser has gained a near 10% market share in the web browsers segment slicing into the popularity of the Microsoft’s Browser. And like Internet Explorer, more and more security flaws are being discovered in it pretty frequently now requiring them to release more and more security related updates.

The foundation just released their latest stable security update, which fixed a crucial security flaw. This IDN bug has now been published on the Internet as per the news released by a French security vendor. FrSIRT has now warned the users to upgrade to the latest release soon as the exploit can now be deployed by random public sites, which can lead to problems for the users.

The exploit like all the other ones, require the user surf to a malicious site. This invitation can be made through a phishing mail getting user to believe that he is visiting a safe and popular domain. Both Mozilla Firefox and the Mozilla Suite latest versions are now safe from this bug. However, like previous instances AOL’s Netscape browser is yet to be updated with this updated Mozilla engine.

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