Four new Linux Expertise Centers for independent software vendors (ISVs) were opened in the United States and Europe in conjunction with the HP Developer and Solution Partner Program. The centers feature the latest HP server and open source technology support spanning the most popular Linux distributions - Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - and are specifically targeted for the ISV community to utilize for porting their applications.

Additionally, HP has extended services for customers with a network of more than 80 HP Solution Centers worldwide. For customers and partners looking to implement open source and Linux solutions, the centers provide a dedicated environment for development, testing and validation on the latest HP hardware and open source technology prior to implementation.

To help customers more easily deploy a reliable and secure open source environment, HP introduced the following technologies:

- More than 200 open source packages on HP Integrity NonStop servers, including Apache Web Server, Jabber, Samba, Zope and more. The company has also augmented some open source material to utilize the HP Integrity NonStop fundamentals to deliver the highest levels of fault tolerance, scalability and data integrity. HP intends to deliver more than 300 additional open source packages on HP Integrity NonStop servers in the near future.

- HP Virus Throttle for Linux, a security technology that works without the need for specific knowledge of a virus itself and without any business interruption. Virus Throttle is expected to be available in the HP ProLiant Essentials Intelligent Networking Pack - Linux Edition in September.

- HP ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack Linux Edition version 1.30, a software option for HP ProLiant servers that automates the process of deploying and provisioning server software on Linux-based servers. The new version adds support for the latest hardware and is expected to be available in September.


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