AMD has released prices of its Sempron processors, including the 64-bit lineups featuring the Socket-754 architecture. AMD Taiwan has indicated that Socket-A models are more expensive than the Socket-754 ones in the price list because it hopes to accelerate the transition between the architectures.

Unit prices of 32-bit AMD Socket-754 processors are US$9-10 cheaper than the Socket-A Sempron ones. In addition, the price gap between the 64-bit Sempron processors and 32-bit ones with the same architecture is only US$3-6.

Sources at motherboard makers hinted that the prices of the AMD 64-bit Sempron CPUs will be higher than those for Intel's 64-bit Celeron lineup after July 24, when the chip giant has scheduled a price drop. Currently, unit prices of Intel 64-bit Celeron processors are higher than the equivalent AMD 64-bit Sempron models.

Motherboard makers commented that AMD's upcoming price-cut strategy, which should come in early August, will be the next opportunity for the second-largest chip maker to grab more share from Intel in the mainstream market.