British mobile phone operators said services were congested but still up and running after four explosions hit London's transport system on Thursday, two weeks after blasts in the city killed more than 50 people.

"We are seeing high volumes of calls being made around central London and with an increase in calls we are seeing some pockets of network congestion," a spokesman for O2 said. "We would advise customers if they need to make urgent calls to keep them brief or use text messaging," O2 said, adding that it had not been asked by the government to suspend access to its network, although provisions exist for authorities to take control in case of emergencies.

"Emergency services can request priority access and that did happen last time, but we haven't been asked yet," he said.

Vodafone said it was also experiencing significantly higher volumes than usual and asked users in central London to avoid long phone calls and to send text messages instead.


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