A new documentary television series "Hooking Up" follows 11 New York women navigating the pitfalls of online dating in a show that one reviewer calls "hard-core voyeurism."

The ABC News show, a cross between the hit comedy "Sex and the City" and a reality TV show, shines a light on the increasingly popular American pastime and pulls no punches.

"You can get a couch, you can get a bike, you can get a boyfriend, you can get laid," opera singer Shelly says on the show about how the Internet can give a woman all she needs.

From hair salon manager Cynthia, who describes one date as "pure torture," to 28-year-old real-estate broker Amy, who tells a man on a second date "I want to meet a husband," the series, which starts on Thursday, details the trials and tribulations of hunting down Mr. Right.

Executive producer Terence Wrong says "Hooking Up" is no reality show. He likens it to his previous fly-on-the-wall shows about the New York Police Department and a hospital.

"You shouldn't have to be somber and earnest and make a decided effort not to be entertaining in order to be a legitimate news documentary," Wrong said.

The women in "Hooking Up" are attractive professionals aged between 26 and 38.

Maryam, a half-Iraqi half-Iranian photographer, says she is looking for "marriage material" but ends up attracted to a man whose picture has him lying shirtless on leopard-print sheets.


ABC, owned by The Walt Disney Co., contacted major dating Web sites to post ads inviting women to participate in the series, and more than 150 were interviewed. They had to agree to date only men they meet online, and to go out on dates at least once or twice a week.

The men, who were warned in advance their dates would be filmed, are as frank as the women. One man notes that a prospective date only posted pictures showing her from the waist up: "She may be hiding what's called junk in the trunk."... (Continued Here)


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