The 2004 Game of the year will be coming to the Xbox console this summer!
The long awaited sequel to Half Life has arrived, again, but this time itís coming to the Xbox. Yes, the Xbox gaming system, not the successor but the Xbox that has been out for some time already. With the news update from the Official Xbox Magazine stating that it will be released during the summer of 2005 gives time for many gamers to add Half Life 2 to there wish list.

Although the news is frightfully good, itís a wonder that Valve not wait for the release of the Xbox 360, which, after E3 is just around the corner. The last word on the matter is Half Life 2 is going to be ported to the Xbox officially later this summer. This means for Gamers with a bit less PC performance can pick up the console version and enjoy 2004ís game of the year and add it to there library.