So im here at my office. I want to take this old POS 1.3 gig computer with 128mb or ram and turn it into a *nix machine.

So I change the boot order from boot off hd to boot off cd. I Put my new copy of fydor in the cd drive, turn the machine off, then turn the machine back on,, whammo it wont boot off the CD.

I get all pissed off and put in my linux redhat 2.0 cd from back in the day in the cd and try booting off that. NO PROBLEM. boots just fine.

Being the sharp cookie i am I figure it must be the CD. I return the book that came with the CD and get another copy. Back to the office with great anticipation only to have the same friggin thing happen.

I return the book and say screw fydor and go with the safest way I know. I got a SUSE Linux 9.3 for dummies book. I repeated the process with the new CD.

Same friggin result. Wont boot from the CD.

I decide to check with a different disk I have from back in the day. I put in my linux mandrake cd and whammo it boots up and is ready to install Linux.

SO I install linux mandrake and now the cd isnt even recognized.

Im lost. Why the heck wont the cd drive boot new cd's?

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