A SENIOR VP at Microsoft has told an e-commerce conference in Brazil that his firm thinks open source is destroying the software industry.
Craig Mundie, senior VP at Microsoft, told the conference in São Paulo yesterday, the secret to success in software is "never show the source".

He said that the FSF [Free Software Foundation] wanted to destroy a business model in which industry standard software had benefited everyone for a long time.

For Mundie, open source just disturbs the development of the Brazilian software industry. He said that as few countries in the world speak Portuguese, copyright and proprietary source is a clear benefit.

Small companies cannot make money without the benefits of copyright, he claimed.

But the Microsoft executive said that its version of opening its source code to government was different because it's a case of national security.

Mundie revealed that the meeting between Brazilian President Lula and Bill Gates at the beginning of the year was established to discuss the subject of free software matters. IP and copyright bills are the minimum requirements to help the Brazilian software market grow, he claimed.

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