An 18-year-old hacker who breached the computer network at Sandia National Laboratories and posted an anti-Israeli message on the Eglin Air Force Base Web site was sentenced to a year-and-a-day in federal prison Thursday. Adil Yahya Zakaria Shakour of Los Angeles also was ordered to pay $88,253 in restitution, and his computer use was restricted during the three years he will spend under supervised release after his prison term. Shakour, a Pakistani national, pleaded guilty in March to computer and credit card fraud charges.

Shakour penetrated the Florida air base's computer server repeatedly in April and May 2002, altering the Web page to denounce the Israeli advancement into Palestine and crediting the defacement to the "Anti India Crew." Damage from the air base intrusion was estimated at about $75,000, while more than $2,700 in damage was done to the Sandia Labs unclassified Web site in Livermore. Damage to the computers of Accenture, a Chicago-based management consulting and technology services company, was set at $15,200. However, prosecutors said there were no known political or terrorist overtones to the breaches of four computer networks. He also hacked into a computer of Mathews, N.C.-based, and obtained credit card information for people from around the country that he used to purchase more than $7,000 worth of items for his personal use.
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