The "Jetson's Rosie" is Coming Closer
A start-up company, Evolution Robotics, with support from Idealab has unveiled a robot that can be configured from a laptop to do menial tasks for its owner. The unit will sell for $499 unassembled or $599 preassembled.

The commercial version of the robot will be equipped with a "web cam" to act as a sensory input device so the user can "show" the robot the object of its work. The user will then be able to use "if-then" statements to a provide instructions.

There are known bugs with the unit and the company says it is more for a hobbiest as of right now. The unit will be marketed as a "proof-of-concept" to show the world it is possible. Many major companies/institutions are backing the project.

Screw Rosie where is my cherry 2000?