devil devil devil

I can feel the sun setting behind me out the window. So this is where we lay, between Reality, and Fantasy. The City of Troy, The illiad, odyseey, homer, heracules, greek gods. Noooooo, part myth, part reality now, we have christ, we have catholism, this whole alien things, or other gods can't be real. There was only, is only one god, and that god told people to get back by inquistioning the world, burn, murder, turn other religions into demonic/satanic forms. So here we lay, in the time of so called lost faith, and technology. Not even bothering to give it a thought that everything we believe is [censored] bullshit, that everything 90% of this world, by studies going back a year or two ago who knows with all the priest [censored]..but beside the point, everything, is just words, of ethical/moral backup, and teachings to live by. All mythes themselves as we worship, and pay for an underground conspiracy. Really no one would car, they wouldn't even bother to smile if that [censored] was true. Everyone would probably just sin for a day liek worldwide martigras.

I've known about the city of troy being found for a year or two just about, and it suprised me a bunch. I love how we keep needing proof, the proof is obvious buried, in more then one way. Say that we found christ matter, dna, whatever, bones or christ, they check them, it just shows up as normal human dna. Ok so then everyone says well he had the spirit of god inside him which gave him the power...he is god supposedly, and the son of god eh. Make your [censored] minds up you king james re-writing mother [censored], next your gonna write in wifes for cain, and able so ppl like me don't have to ask if god made them or were all forms of incest given that adam & eve had four kids. Really, say they clone christ. I don't even want to think about anymore of this [censored], makes me sick to think that a majority of the world basis credit, belief, even faith in something we have no proof of. Yet if someone was going to be like jodi foster in contact, they'd damn sure be asking if they believed in god.

Well...were going to see if these aliens are for real, and were gonna say yea...we lower life forms....we believe in a pretend, unseen, unfounded guy in a invisible cloudy place, and his alter ego a red guy with horns that has minions that torture bad ppl. Then they say "Yea we know both of them, their cousins to our leader. Heh, [censored] strange, we better have androids, ai neural net interfacing nodes, neural helms, all that [censored], flying cars, light sabers, before we lose our religion, because with out it. Our asses are gonna go to war, and [censored] each other up or some [censored]. I don't know what's out there, I'm a spiritualist, with belief in a divine, force, or presence, like ether, bi-frost, bio-eletrical, whatever...something that actually started bacteria in forms. Because even with a blackhole, and star creator. Even a scientist knows, that the possibilities for this to arrive...are like a multiverse restarting a few million times. Which in a very very very long numbered explanation of how we need to find ourselves first before looking for some half baked reorginized zeus. help help

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"