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#38058 - 09/25/02 07:51 PM Glow Sticks drug paraphernalia? Raves illigal?  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 201
Imperial Offline
Imperial  Offline

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 201
Oppose Culture War Against Raves!

In the 1960s, hippie culture was seen as threatening, irresponsible and primarily about drug use. Even though most of those young people came together because of a mutual interest in peace, adults of that era labeled them as criminals and troublemakers.
A new kind of social event that mixes an electronic music concert, light show and dancing--popularly known as raves--has been similarly stigmatized. The media often portray raves as dangerous, sinister drug fests and the people who attend them as criminals who only use the events to sell drugs to youth. Raves, however, are a legitimate cultural event just like rock concerts, art exhibitions and film screenings, and are an important outlet for youth culture today.

In a misguided spin-off of the "War on Drugs," the Senate is considering legislation that targets raves and would have the effect of classifying common rave items like glow sticks and massage oils as drug paraphernalia. The Reducing Americans Vulnerability to Ecstasy (RAVE) Act, S. 2633, introduced by Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), would also impose huge fines and even prison time on the owners of venues into which customers bring controlled substances. No matter how much security is put in place, they could be held responsible for the actions of just one customer.

Holding club owners and promoters of raves criminally liable for what some people may do at these events is no different from arresting the stadium owners and promoters of a Rolling Stones concert or a rap show because some concertgoers may be smoking or selling marijuana. Unless a loud and powerful objection to this legislation is voiced, an already misunderstood community and culture could be criminalized.

Urge your Senators to oppose attacks
on youth culture!

The RAVE Act threatens free speech.
If S. 2633 becomes law, property owners may be too afraid to rent or lease their space for events rightly or wrongly perceived as attracting drug users -- essentially any event that attracts a young crowd. Out of fear of massive fines and prison sentences, law-abiding business owners may stop hosting raves and other musical events, driving them further underground and away from public health and safety regulations.

The RAVE Act is too broad and puts business owners at risk.
While supporters of the bill claim that innocent business owners do not need to worry because it only applies to people who knowingly own property for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, or using a controlled substance, the terms are too undefined to provide adequate protection to innocent business owners. Despite good security, restaurant, bar, nightclub, dance and music venue owners could all be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and forced into bankruptcy if a customer sneaks in drugs.

The bill will endanger the lives and safety of youth.
Under this law, business owners who host raves would be reluctant to enact important measures to protect their customers. By insinuating that selling bottled water and offering "cool off" rooms is proof that owners and promoters know drug use is occurring at their events--as the Senate bill suggests--the bill could make business owners too afraid to implement such harm-reduction measures and the safety of young people will suffer.


Article can be found here

and if you want you can take action at that link

I am the Lizard King
I can do anything
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#38059 - 09/26/02 01:16 AM Re: Glow Sticks drug paraphernalia? Raves illigal?  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 626
hKzKnight Offline
hKzKnight  Offline

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 626
Sry, tiz a bit off topic what I am going to say. Yet the senators never listen, they don't give a [censored] what the people say (they make it seem as if they do). Liberman is still toying around trying to ban violent video games, ask the people from RWS Inc who make the game Posta 1 and 2 all about it, as well the government trying to monitor our computer, prevent mp3s, burning things etc. It's difficult. Just letting you know more then writting letters and signing things need to be done.

"The ghost... Was never there and you'll never see me"
#38060 - 09/26/02 01:32 AM Re: Glow Sticks drug paraphernalia? Raves illigal?  
Joined: Aug 2002
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ohfuk Offline
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ohfuk  Offline
UGN Supporter

Joined: Aug 2002
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phuck this. im robbing a rich congressman and moving to mexico. phuck this countries stupid [censored] phucking bullshit government that does not propperly suport its people, phuck the overtaxing to the point of driving people insane, and phuck how the government constantly phucks [censored] up, worldwide. phuck it all

#38061 - 09/26/02 01:35 AM Re: Glow Sticks drug paraphernalia? Raves illigal?  
Joined: Mar 2002
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sinetific Offline
sinetific  Offline

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 815
Ann Arbor
I use to help promote for raves, they're right they should be shut down. All they are is an excuse for criminals to sell drugs to kids with an excellent sound track. I have never seen more [censored] up [censored] in my entire life then I have at raves. Its true not ALL raves are about the drugs, 90% of them in detroit, the home of techno music are or used to be. There are a few legit promoters that are in it for the music to promote the scene but there are still drugs at those parties. It is the responsibility of the owner of the establishment and the promoter to keep drugs out and people under the influence out, which makes for a extremley boring party. Raves will be banned. At least real raves will be they have been and theyve never been the same since before 2k hit back then it was dope. Break into an abandon warehouse, set it up with turn tables and speakers, through a party in it, get everyone trashed, make lotsa loot.....

#38062 - 09/26/02 01:59 AM Re: Glow Sticks drug paraphernalia? Raves illigal?  
Joined: Mar 2002
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Le4rner Offline
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Le4rner  Offline
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Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 562
I used to rave on a regular basis. I partyed but never got fux0red up. I knew many people that did drugs and sold drugs. But I knew many who did none of the above. I know many people just into the Music. many who wanted to be some superstart DJ.

But the point is... If they can do this, next it is concerts, then fireworks shows then who know what.

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#38063 - 09/26/02 01:17 PM Re: Glow Sticks drug paraphernalia? Raves illigal?  
Joined: Apr 2002
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Moffesto Offline
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Moffesto  Offline
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Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 730
Im moving to a island before mexico, lol. Poor [censored] dirty people. I would go to raves for drugs, i cant dance.

2 people can keep a secret as long as one is dead
#38064 - 09/26/02 06:04 PM Re: Glow Sticks drug paraphernalia? Raves illigal?  
Joined: Mar 2002
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unreal Offline
Der ‹beltšter
unreal  Offline
Der ‹beltšter

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 860
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Raves aren't all about dancing....or drugs.

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