There you have it folks if you live on the east coast do not plan on getting much done in the way of telco service. Even if you use other telco's keep in mind many times they go through verizon's facilities.

Now here is the skimmy.

Verizon CEO Ivan Signburg collected 58 billion dollars last year in sallery and bonuses. These are pats on the back for running the company well. But 50,000 workers were laid off this year. Service in New York is now so back Verizon is about to be investigated. A federalk arbitrator rulled verizon laid off workers unfairly and violated the union contract. They were order to hire them back and give them back pay for all the time they were laid off.

Verizon now wants that clause out of the contrat. What do you think will happen to those workers? They want to attack health care for retires now. Raising costs on them. Something they were given for making the company what it was(The biggest telco in the country). This is just sad in my opinion.

In addtion to this, the new law doing away with the 40 work week for more than 8 million workers in this county. see news story

If this new law passes employees will be able to re-class jobs as mangement postions and not have to pay time and a half for time worked past 40 hours. What dose this mean to you? Well in a shrinking economy and rising un employment it means less jobs more layoffs. Why pay 10 people to do something if 10 are cheaper. Just work more right? But now it is required by your employer and you get NO days off.

Help support the verizon strike and workers rights. It will be one of the biggest this year and will be watched by many companies and law makers. Federal mediators are involved already and it hasn't even started.