Computer Associates International, Inc. announced updated versions of three Unicenter performance management applications for the monitoring and management of mainframe environments: the enhanced Unicenter NetMaster r11 provides Web browser access to real-time and historical information on mainframe-connected TCP/IP and SNA networks. Unicenter CA-OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation r11is an automated systems operation application for IBM z/OS that also supports Unix System Services. Unicenter CA-SYSVIEW Realtime Performance Management r11 is a diagnostic tool for z/OS system performance:

* Unicenter NetMaster r11 simplifies the management of complex network paths. The new version provides autonomic capabilities to discover abnormalities out of the box as well as REXX support for NetMaster commands and functions.

* The new version of Unicenter CA-OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation r11 provides enhanced support for USS (Unix System Services) and enables cross-console event management.

* Unicenter CA-SYSVIEW Realtime Performance Management r11 supports IMS 9.1, and provides improved WebSphere MQ management and monitoring. Integration with Unicenter CA-OPS/MVS creates a single point for system managers to view and resolve mainframe network and system events and workflows.
The CA solutions, which work together but can be licensed separately, are available under CA's FlexSelect Licensing program and its new Measured Workload Pricing option. Measured Workload Pricing bases licensing costs on measured system usage, enabling customers to align IT spending more closely with changing business requirements in their on-demand environments.

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