VMware on Monday shipped VMware Workstation 4.5, it's latest virtual machine software for the desktop that targets enterprise administrators and developers.
The new virtualization software, which allows users to run multiple operating systems within individual “virtual machines” on a single physical system, has been significantly updated, said VMware, to make it usable for developing and testing of server-class applications for Windows, Linux, and NetWare.

Among the changes and enhancements in version 4.5 are easier provisioning of virtual machines over the corporate network, increased maximum memory (up to 3.6GB per virtual machine), support across the virtual machines for USB devices plugged into the physical system, and integration with Windows Performance Monitor.

The increased memory capacity is especially important, said VMware, since the 3.6GB limit allows for the installation of server-class operating systems, such as Red Hat Enterprise, on a virtual machine.

VMware, which is part of storage giant EMC, also reduced the price of Workstation $110, to $189.

Workstation 4.5 is available now in versions that run on Windows and Linux.

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