Epoch Integration Inc., a leading provider of network management products, today announced the availability of its NeedTEXT(R) Monitor automated network monitoring software. The product's key benefits include the ability for network managers to see the status of their servers and other network equipment directly on a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld, from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM).

NeedTEXT Monitor allows businesses to keep their networks up and running by automatically monitoring servers, routers and other network equipment. As soon as error conditions are discovered, the software notifies network management staff so that they can fix the issue before downtime occurs and causes interruptions in service to employees and customers. Consequently, companies can significantly reduce downtime costs within their organization, and protect against the lost revenues that result from business-critical systems being unavailable or offline.

The software will monitor any host or service on a customer's network, including web sites, databases, email servers, Windows Services, event logs, and host disk and operating system statistics. NeedTEXT Monitor installs in minutes on a Windows, UNIX or Linux server, and provides an intuitive web-based user interface for administrators to set up the application to begin monitoring their systems. The web-based interface was a key requirement in the design of the software, as it also allows the application to be accessed by administration staff using only a web browser, from any terminal on their company LAN, or any remote computer. As a result, administrators can get the information they need to resolve network incidents quickly, even if they are away from their primary desktop terminal.

NeedTEXT Monitor is the latest addition to Epoch Integration's NeedTEXT suite of innovative network management products. Other products in the suite, including NeedTEXT Shell and ASG-MobileControl, give network administrators the ability to access and troubleshoot their host systems using wireless handhelds such as BlackBerry. When combined with the event notification features of NeedTEXT Monitor, customer organizations have a completely closed loop solution for systems management. For example, NeedTEXT Monitor will automatically send an administrator an email when it has discovered a potential problem. If the administrator is away from his desk, he will receive the email notification on his BlackBerry, and then also use the BlackBerry to connect to, and repair, the affected system.

For the many organizations that have deployed BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds to network management employees, NeedTEXT Monitor also allows users to view the availability status of their managed systems directly on the handheld. This feature makes NeedTEXT Monitor the first product available with this capability, and was implemented in response to requests from the company's existing customers, explained Ramon Tavares, president of Epoch Integration. 'The pace of today's business is pulling network administration staff away from their desks, as they are asked to keep more systems operational, with fewer and fewer resources. Our existing customers wanted the ability to view the overall health status of their network, even when they were nowhere near a wired terminal.'Using NeedTEXT Monitor, administrators need only to glance quickly at their BlackBerry to view a summary of their system availability. They can then use that information to determine whether further action is required. 'We're helping organizations maximize the productivity of their IT personnel, by allowing them to take control of their network infrastructure with them, wherever they need to go,'Tavares added.

NeedTEXT Monitor is affordably priced for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as branch divisions of larger enterprises. More product information and evaluation versions of the software are available at http://www.needtext.net/monitor. Resellers may send inquiries to [email protected]

About Epoch Integration

Epoch Integration is a leading designer, developer and marketer of network management solutions for the worldwide infrastructure software market. The company's products, including the popular NeedTEXT suite, give Information Technology professionals the ability to manage their networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By combining automated network monitoring and event notification with true two-way system access from handheld devices on global wireless networks, Epoch Integration effectively closes the loop on network management, thereby enabling significant reductions in downtime and its associated costs. The company currently provides network management solutions to such high-profile customers as Raytheon Missile Systems and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in addition to small and medium-sized businesses around the globe. Founded in 1997, Epoch Integration is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Please visit http://www.epochintegration.com.

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