After four long years Cisco has unveiled its much anticipated high-end router. The total cost of the investment was $500 mil, which Cisco claims is not an outrageous figure. After 1 year of rumors circulating about the product it is finally ready.

The Carrier Routing System-1 (CRS-1) is designed to handle 40 gigabit-per-second interfaces. The other benefit is that several boxes can be clustered together to function as a single router with a capacity of 92 terabits per second.

The base price for this product will most likely be around $450,000 and a fully loaded system could cost up to $1 mil. Carriers attended the opening of the router but are not sure if they will purchase it adding "it doesn't make economic sense."\'s+$500+million+rout..._3-5220313.html?tag=st_lh