All site rules apply to this board and a few more...
Please read them and follow them. You have been warned.

Special Note: This post is constantly edited by Digital Geek and the other boad Moderators; not all, if any, of the contents of this post are the content of the original poster.

1. All Security Whitepapers are to be current articles. Any Security Whitepapers that have been published within 6 months is considered "current", any later and they will be considered archive worthy unless the article in question is deemed to contain valuable information.

2. When posting a Whitepaper link, it is imperative that the site which hosts the article does not require registration in order to view the Whitepaper.

3. Any software links that are posted must be links to software that is either free or in open source. UnderGroundNews does not support the trafficking or distribution of warez whatsoever.

4. Only selected users are allowed to post Whitepaper Articles. All registered members are, however, allowed to contribute suggestions/opinions regarding the papers.

5. If you would like to contribute to Security Whitepapers it is suggested you take an active role in posting articles on the Tech News board first as members will be chosen on posting activity.

We are, in general, a friendly group of people.
If you follow the rules and keep your hands visible at all times, we wont have any problems.

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