Effective Data Investigation on Cisco Routers - Prevention and Checking Plan

As we move past the new millennium hackers and crackers continually find ways to break into network systems. An effective method to maintain a lead on security threats is to keep current on the Internetworking Operating System (IOS) versions used in routers. The main elements of any incident management include the ability to detect, respond and recover from an attack. Knowing the elements of the attack and vulnerabilities exploited provides an opportunity to understand critical points in your network infrastructure. Addressing the three security principles, confidentiality, integrity and availability suggests that network administrators should constantly review and update configurations in routers to maintain a concerted effort of providing due care and due diligence in the network. When performing router security, network administrators should never divulge more information that does not need to be shared. This document provides steps needed to perform effective data investigation on Cisco routers using the router show commands for analysis.
Pub: Ophelia Livingston, 07/20/2005

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