Every forum needs some basic guidelines; some basic rules to make sure that the forum doesn't turn into total chaos.

Note that the format and guidelines will be enforced here more than that of other forums as we have plans of relaying this data to the main site at a future date.

Format: The format is something we will be taking seriously due to the nature of the forum. We want a clean, clutter-free board for easy to find information:
If the Whitepaper is not your piece of work you will be required to link to the original article.
A quote from the introduction of the WhitePaper (no more than 3 paragraphs) and a description of the article will also be necessary. Your post should also include the publish date of the Whitepaper so that users know how current the article is.


WhitePaper Article Link -> this article provides a case study of digital forensics using a web browser

No more than 3 paragraphs from the articles introduction.
Pub: 25 July 2005

If the Whitepaper is your original piece of work, it is to be uploaded to the Underground News archive (http://archive.undergroundnews.com) under the Security Whitepapers directory where it can then be linked to, following the appropriate posting format.

Please do not use foul language of any type; if you feel that the word is foul in any sense then don't use it, it probably is.

Any questions?

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