Wireless Attacks and Penetration Testing Part 1

Wireless Attacks and Penetration Testing Part 2

Wireless Attacks and Penetration Testing Part 3

The very idea of a wireless network introduces multiple venues for attack and penetration that are either much more difficult or completely impossible to execute with a standard, wired network. Wireless networks only know the boundaries of their own signal: streets, parks, nearby buildings, and cars all offer a virtual "port" into your wireless network.

This is the first of a three part series on penetration testing for wireless networks. This installment will detail many common styles of attacks against wireless networks, introduce WEP key-cracking, and then discuss some recent developments in wireless security.

Part two of this series will explain the WEP key-cracking process in detail, review standard port scanning techniques, and then explain how to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. The third installment will discuss mitigating strategies to protect your wireless network.