Yes that's right, we're finally back from our "3 hour downtime" gone 3 week downtime... Lots of things to get back in order, but I'm working on them asap.

Theres not much to say about the downtime, lets just say it was a huge ammount of hardware issues which occoured en transit on our server migration... But we've got all of the files we need to get everything back up and running!

Some things that will be off however:
- Server User Accounts: These will be given only to the users who need them now; that being admin's (and at that, select admin's). If you think you need an account, give me a pm and let me know your justifications.
- Email Accounts: unfortunately I lost my list of who had what email addresses; please send me a pm if you're unable to connect to your UnderGroundNews.COM email address (none of this should have affected ANY [email protected] accounts on

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