We've taken and did some small updates tonight... Some which users have asked for over the years...

The main page no longer sprawls news out, instead, it now just lists the last 15 articles, you can opt to view these on the news pages just by clicking the story that you're interested in.

I'm working on several updates that will be introduced soon (as soon as I address some server issues) AND we'll have some additional themes on the forums when UBB.Threads 7.3 comes out... This should be around Christmas time, so be prepared!

I am taking suggestions for "alternative" logo's for the forum, the "dark" logo will be our old accustomed dark image we have now, but there will be several "lighter" themes, so a "lighter" logo is a requirement; so feel free to make some suggestions!

I am also going to be doing some work towards a new articles based community called "Dot Slash Hack", if you're interested in helping me with inserting new articles and playing around, feel more than free to contact me. I have several ideas that I'm playing with for features (including users being able to add articles through a captcha based insertion system) but I'm not quite sure on a design, so let me know of your input as it is afterall the users we're trying to target here hehe...

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