One of the features we're finalizing right now is a Web Based DNS Tools suite that you'll be able to use at any time.

This suite includes:
Ping - Ping any site or ip address on the web.
Traceroute - Traceroute any site or IP on the web.
DNS Address - Get the IP of a hostname, or the hostname of an IP.
Crawl DNS - Get DNS records for a domain.
Geo-Locate Address - Find the location of an IP Address anywhere in the world, includes a Google map pinprick if the location exists in the latitude/longitude database.
Whois Domain - Allows you to grab the whois data on a domain name.
Whois Local Address - Grabs your current browser, ip, and geolocation from your browser and IP address (Geolocation utilizes the same options as the GeoLocate feature).

You may be wondering why anyone would want these if they can check it on their own system, and theres a very logical reason; sometimes when you may be experiencing downtime, or latency issues, you'll want to be able to check form a 3rd party source.

I've spent a lot of time working on these over the summer and am finally getting around to the final touches. There are many other items I'm working as well, but this is my start for this years feature set.

I'm anticipating having this out no later than Thanks Giving, allowing for testing. If you're interested in helping me test, feel free to PM me or message me on the IRC server.

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