What would you guys clasify this under.

A company buys sells rents and moves vehicles. However. The manner they do it is a bit, psammish. They don't have an ebay sellers account, or any account. They scour e-bay getting e-mail addresses and then e-mails them of the vehicles they are selling. Not that it's a bad thing, he's helping people out with unemployment and workterms. However the workterm people he gets are college graduating classes who have a course called workterm. This is where they go to a company, in their field, and work for free. This company tells the schools that they want students for database and website purposes. Then get's them on e-bay. He also helps out unemployed people who get government checks with a program that alows them to gain experience and still recieve the government checks. The company is run by one man, who's an [censored]. Everyone who works for him is required to bring their own computer to work and leave it there until they are done working for him. They also call people when they find phone numbers on e-bay. They also post on ANY forum about their cars and company. It could be a forum for news, games, lesbians, old people, or even sadams secret messaging service :p Rules for health and safety aren't followed. Software liscences do not exist in this company that loces Microsoft applications.

E-mail me if you'd like more of this fictional story... or let me know someone who would like to know of this story and I'll gladly send it to them.

The story might end up as a game, where you work for this guy but you have to try getting away with not working for 2 1/2 months. The more he catches you the more you work the lower your score. Task you have to avoid doing are:
send out 25 e-mails a day
send out 10 phone calls a day
work on the company website
work on the company databse
research software prices
spend 5 hours a day on e-bay

The name e-bay may not be used in the game...legal purposes...but it will be some sort of LARGE CUSTOMER BASE that can be "stolen" that is available on the internet.
Microsoft will also not be used in the game...legal purposes...but a large software/computer company will be in it's place.