Nothing much to report this week, mainly server upgrades for our server and a couple of affiliate machines.

August was a horrible month for hardware, we've had the items below burn out at home office:
  • 47" LCD TV (now we get to do our gaming updates on a 15" CRT TV!)
  • 2 of the boards on our 16 port Network Switch burnt out, so we have 7 useable ports (4 ports per slot + one uplink on board 4; thank god most of our machines have wireless capabilities, so it's not too huge of an issue that we don't need to immediately replace it)
  • Cablemodem - Yes, my original Comcast modem from when we moved back here in 2003 FINALLY burnt out... Comcast promptly replaced it and we're back in business.
  • 512MB ram on our dev machine burnt out. We still have another 512 in her, however I neglected to backup the web directory before reformatting lol... So we'll need to restore from an older backup. Thankfully the DSH scripts where rolled out to the live server for testing several months ago, so I didn't loose everything on it.

One thing that I'm going to have to look into is building a new desktop for use here in Home Office; I haven't had one other than the dev machine for several years and in order to do the proposed items for some video and audio projects for both UGN, DSH, and Back of the Web I need to be able to work on a machine capable of editing video (as in something which actually supports SSE2 lol).

Unfortunately working on these sites isn't a money making opportunity so coming up with funding from out of nowhere is near impossible; so I'm hoping that some odd jobs come around so I can work on replacing what ended up burnt out and working on building a new PC; we'll see what happens, I'm hopeful smile.

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