Well, other than coming down with a horrendous cold which has layed Trey and I completely out for the better half of the last week we've only gotten a few things done (which I think is semi understandable lol).

First, we've got a small local development machine reconfigured at home office; it took a bit of time to reconfigure the webserver how we had it before without any current backups, but I'm confident it's set as approximate as possible (as I've reused most of the items over sites in our network).

Secondly, thanks to the great donation of one of our client sites, we'll be coming into a Quad Core Vista machine with 4GB Ram; so it seems I'll need to get off my butt and prep some video editing work soon wink... I'll be posting some specs on the machine when we get it later in the month.

The new machine also comes with a BluRay drive, so I can think of at least a couple of quick projects to do wink.

Lastly, I hadn't gotten around to that ReCaptcha update yet (it's been hectic as hell around here) but I am hoping to have the time to update the main contact scripts this week, and work on the submit content page as well (as it'll just link to other pages at this time).

As always, I value all input, so keep it coming, my email is always open (once you pass the challenge/response system anyhow)

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