I sent out a mailing just now to all users who've opted to accept admin emails; this mailing was as follows:

We've been busy this late Summer/Fall working on new portions of the site (and upgrades to old!) and I just wanted to take the time to send you all a quick update.

I've taken and built out a few new scripts to replace "stand alone" pages that we've had for years (and manually updated); this means that users can actually provide content without having to be staff!

And best of all, all of the new sections can be added to...

Now the fun part, we've added:
Articles - You can now submit articles without having to register to "yet another" script; simply enter your data and submit...

Archive - Just like the Articles Script, you can link to various programs and scripts (or articles with various content) and even request your files to be mirrored.

Recommended Reading - Our long standing pages of "what books are the best" will be added here; it'll allow us to keep everything in a structured environment and make it easier to find everything without having to troll through various threads on the forums.

Reviews - Yeh, I finally made good on my promise to organize things into something more manageable.

Video Syndication - You can now post your favorite videos from Google, Yahoo, MySpace, and YouTube!

You'll find that a lot of the areas are bare, since most of our staff have moved onto other projects, it's just a few of us to keep house. After some dev time on other sections that we're working on, we'll gear towards populating the databases.

I'm hoping some of you may have some recommendations for the new scripts that you would want added; if you don't want to have to add them yourselves, simply send me an email (gizmo[at]undergroundnews[dot]com) or PM me on the forums (likely best) and I'll get to work wink.

We've made a lot of other changes to the site, but most of them the casual observer won't notice unless they pay close attention :P...

I would like to thank you all for your time, and would like to wish you all Happy Holidays.

James Corthell
AKA Gizmo
UGN Security President

PS, if you're one of those waiting for word on DotSlashHack, we've had some setbacks (dataloss) but we're still moving forward (albeit slowly) and will gear towards dedicated updates on it once our development cycle on UGN has completed for this season.

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