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The near pwning of the n00b pergesu #48064
03/23/09 04:57 AM
03/23/09 04:57 AM
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Here's the chat transcript from when I almost got my AIM account pwned. A friend of mine IMed me asking if I was interested in writing a magazine article for $2k...little did I know that my friend's AIM account had been hacked a while back. I was pretty baked during this convo so I wasn't really that alert to what was going on...

12:26:04 PM hacker_wannabe_69: You interested in doing a cardplayer article?
12:26:27 PM pergesu: hrm on what?
12:26:40 PM hacker_wannabe_69: online poker
12:27:14 PM hacker_wannabe_69: Email [email protected] and they will let you know , they are paying $2000 a person
12:28:02 PM pergesu: broad topic. benefits, like ease of play, speed, multiple games, bonuses. Available tools like poker tracker, the sit n go analyzer, and training like you guys provide?
12:31:34 PM hacker_wannabe_69: whats your email
12:36:00 PM pergesu: [email protected]
12:36:50 PM hacker_wannabe_69: did you use to have an old email
12:37:12 PM pergesu: yeah I've had a couple in the past. that is my current one
12:37:38 PM hacker_wannabe_69: Do you mind listing the old emails
12:37:53 PM pergesu: what for?
12:38:14 PM hacker_wannabe_69: To see if I have them under my contacts
12:38:45 PM pergesu: [email protected] (I don't check anymore)
[email protected] (I don't own the domain, so those emails will get lost/go to someone else)
12:39:58 PM hacker_wannabe_69: none of them are matching
12:40:08 PM hacker_wannabe_69: Have you ever had an AIM friend request before?
12:40:20 PM pergesu: from whom?
12:40:23 PM hacker_wannabe_69: anyone
12:40:34 PM hacker_wannabe_69: Its the new service
12:40:44 PM hacker_wannabe_69: Its not working for you though
12:40:59 PM pergesu: dude what are you talking about
12:41:09 PM pergesu: I have people on my aim list
12:41:14 PM pergesu: some I've added, some that have added me
12:41:18 PM hacker_wannabe_69: no not that way
12:41:28 PM hacker_wannabe_69: They need your email to add you for this service
12:41:40 PM pergesu: cardplayer?
12:41:41 PM hacker_wannabe_69: your emails not matching up to the one for pergesu
12:41:43 PM pergesu: [email protected]
12:41:53 PM hacker_wannabe_69: your aim name
12:42:00 PM hacker_wannabe_69: the alternate email is what you need
12:42:09 PM pergesu: for what?
12:42:09 PM hacker_wannabe_69: you may not remember that far back
12:42:28 PM pergesu: cardplayer needs the email address that I used when I signed up for aim?
12:42:31 PM hacker_wannabe_69: no
12:42:38 PM hacker_wannabe_69: Im trying to send you a detailed friend request
12:42:44 PM hacker_wannabe_69: so you can see what cardplayer offers
12:42:46 PM hacker_wannabe_69: $2000 isnt bad
12:43:03 PM pergesu: oh
12:43:11 PM pergesu: um... try [email protected]
12:43:26 PM pergesu: they probably have something on their site, yeah?
12:43:53 PM hacker_wannabe_69: nope
12:43:56 PM hacker_wannabe_69: not hotmail
12:43:58 PM hacker_wannabe_69: try 1 more
12:44:01 PM hacker_wannabe_69: maybe yahoo?
12:44:11 PM pergesu: [email protected] ?
12:44:17 PM hacker_wannabe_69: [email protected]?
12:44:24 PM pergesu: yeah maybe
12:44:29 PM hacker_wannabe_69: nope
12:44:38 PM hacker_wannabe_69: lets try it this way
12:44:42 PM hacker_wannabe_69: whats your birthday
12:45:09 PM pergesu: can I add them as a friend? basically flip the request
12:45:15 PM hacker_wannabe_69: I dont believe
12:45:21 PM hacker_wannabe_69: this info will not get out
12:45:23 PM hacker_wannabe_69: Its no big deal
12:45:37 PM pergesu: 12/34/56
12:45:47 PM hacker_wannabe_69: and a zip code
12:46:00 PM pergesu: [censored] I don't remember my zip code when I signed up
12:46:04 PM hacker_wannabe_69: lol
12:46:08 PM hacker_wannabe_69: you move alot
12:46:13 PM pergesu: haha yeah
12:46:16 PM pergesu: when I signed up for aim
12:46:22 PM pergesu: I either lived in rhode island or italy
12:46:26 PM pergesu: I was young
12:47:03 PM hacker_wannabe_69: give me a few ill try
12:47:16 PM pergesu: seriously I don't remember a single one of them
12:47:22 PM hacker_wannabe_69: nor the email
12:47:24 PM pergesu: "Card Player accepts freelance submissions from time to time. Card Player does pay for articles that are published and pays upon publication. Send article ideas and drafts to [email protected] Due to the large volume of submissions, Card Player does not provide comments and feedback on all pieces that are submitted."
12:47:37 PM hacker_wannabe_69: yea
12:47:47 PM hacker_wannabe_69: thats what im working with
12:47:50 PM hacker_wannabe_69: getting paid $2000
12:47:53 PM pergesu: did they put out a request for articles about online poker?
12:47:57 PM hacker_wannabe_69: yea
12:48:21 PM pergesu: any other details, like specific topics within online poker?
12:49:21 PM hacker_wannabe_69: get me the email and ill get it all for you
12:49:44 PM pergesu: why don't you just send me an email with the info?
12:50:07 PM hacker_wannabe_69: ughhh
12:50:10 PM hacker_wannabe_69: this is 2 complicated
12:50:17 PM hacker_wannabe_69: goto account settings it will remember your email
12:52:31 PM pergesu: ah
12:52:34 PM pergesu: [email protected]
12:52:36 PM pergesu: smile
12:52:49 PM hacker_wannabe_69: lol
12:52:50 PM hacker_wannabe_69:
12:55:09 PM hacker_wannabe_69: whats your cell #
12:55:14 PM hacker_wannabe_69: CardPlayer wants to call you
12:55:16 PM pergesu: 1234567890
12:55:19 PM hacker_wannabe_69: do you mind
12:55:50 PM pergesu: no that's cool. Some time on Monday?
12:57:07 PM hacker_wannabe_69: sure
12:57:25 PM hacker_wannabe_69: How many times have you been to Vegas?
12:57:38 PM pergesu: 6
12:57:45 PM hacker_wannabe_69: i love it
12:57:50 PM pergesu: make it 7
12:57:53 PM hacker_wannabe_69: thats why I moved here
12:57:55 PM pergesu: it's lucky down there wink
12:57:59 PM hacker_wannabe_69: yea
12:58:06 PM pergesu: I'll be going in May, too. for a week
12:58:09 PM hacker_wannabe_69: nothing like las vegas
12:58:12 PM pergesu: conference. I'm speaking at it
12:58:15 PM hacker_wannabe_69: is that the only place you goto
12:58:19 PM pergesu: yeah how long have you lived there?
12:58:24 PM pergesu: cause you used to live n Florida?
12:58:31 PM hacker_wannabe_69: since i won a wpt
12:58:32 PM hacker_wannabe_69: smile
12:58:46 PM pergesu: ah right smile
12:58:49 PM pergesu: aruba?
1:02:01 PM pergesu: did you write your wikipedia page?
1:04:12 PM hacker_wannabe_69: nope
1:15:00 PM hacker_wannabe_69: do you play online alot?
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At this point I was suspicious. Why the hell does he need to know my AIM signup info to send me info that I had copy and pasted from the site? Like I said, I was blazed...

Went to to look up my information. It asked me a security question: "what's your favorite town?" I took a few guesses at what I could have possibly answered in 5th grade, and got locked out.

The next day...

9:18:18 AM hacker_wannabe_69: hey pat
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7:07:47 PM hacker_wannabe_69: hey patt
7:07:52 PM hacker_wannabe_69: pat*
7:07:52 PM hacker_wannabe_69: whats up
7:08:25 PM pergesu: hey dude
7:08:27 PM pergesu: what's going on?
7:08:31 PM hacker_wannabe_69: not much
7:08:45 PM hacker_wannabe_69: when did you say you was going to vegas?
7:09:19 PM pergesu: conference is may 4-7th. I might stay an extra couple days just to have fun
7:09:22 PM hacker_wannabe_69: oh
7:09:29 PM hacker_wannabe_69: whats your favorite town
7:10:12 PM pergesu: ugh
7:10:52 PM hacker_wannabe_69: dont have one?
7:12:28 PM hacker_wannabe_69: cardplayer wanted to know
7:14:00 PM pergesu: it's a dang good thing I don't remember any of my zip codes from when I was younger, huh?
7:24:09 PM pergesu: it is ridiculous how difficult they make it to report a user
7:24:13 PM pergesu: you can contact them, but they won't reply
7:24:34 PM hacker_wannabe_69: who
7:24:40 PM pergesu: aim, you [censored] prick
7:33:33 PM hacker_wannabe_69: meet me
7:33:36 PM hacker_wannabe_69: im in boulder
7:34:08 PM pergesu: dude I don't give a [censored] where you are
7:34:14 PM pergesu: I have two concerns
7:34:20 PM pergesu: 1. making sure you don't get access to my aim account
7:34:32 PM pergesu: 2. reporting you and hopefully getting justin his account back

and that was it, I never heard back from him. At this point it's a race, me against the hacker, is he able to social engineer the site where I had my signup email address?

After a while I managed to get into my account, change my pass, get [censored] locked down, etc. Also reported him and emailed my friend with some tips on how to potentially get his account back.

The social engineering and near pwning made me think of all my UGN buddies.. smile

Re: The near pwning of the n00b pergesu [Re: pergesu] #48066
03/23/09 09:21 AM
03/23/09 09:21 AM
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Re: The near pwning of the n00b pergesu [Re: Gremelin] #48078
03/24/09 09:43 AM
03/24/09 09:43 AM
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LOL, only you!!!

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