Movie: Star Trek
Rating: 4/5
I actually dreaded going to see this movie; with past prequels that have shattered what their predecessors once where had totally warped my mind on how this movie was going to play out... I was however pleased that not all of my previous ideals where met...

The new Star Trek movie actually was pretty good; I figured it would end up something like Stargate SG-1's Wormhole XTreme spoof played out as, where a young cast would totally trash the good name of Star Trek... But, a solid cast (Zachary Quinto (Heros, 24); Bruce Greenwood (Numerous huge movies)) and a decent story, I actually want to see it again now.

The story starts where it rightfully should, with the birth of James T Kirk, and you get various glimpses into his troubled beginnings, and watch him grow into his Captain's seat. You also get a glimpse into something we've all wondered, a young Spock's beginnings and the meeting of Spock vs James Kirk.

The movie blends a good set of action and adventure into a title we all love and enjoy; and the cinematography and cgi blends two effects that we've all wanted in the original Television Series, and often wondered how it would fit in (imagine if we had the technology back then, how much more the series would have brought, and how many more it would have touched).

All in all, this was a great movie and I highly recommend you see it, and see it again.

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