So, recently when reinstalling my Mac OS X Leopard, I ran into something I hadn't previously on the Mac platform. Before, I could just take a OS image and burn to DL DVD using Disk Utility. As long as the image was ripped with Disk Utility from a bootable OS disk, there wasn't an issue.

After a lot of troubleshooting and aggravation, I found a forum discussing the issue. As it turns out, Apple recently began using a new Anti-Piracy mechanism that caused any bootable .dmg image to get interrupted in the burning process so your $2 DL DVD is now a drink coaster. It appears the change happens upon mounting the image.

The workaround is easy, but save yourself the $24 bucks in DL's that I spent before figuring out what the correct problem was. With a NEW .dmg image, before it has ever been mounted, cntl-click, select "Get Info", check the "Locked" box. Then when you mount it in Disk Utility, nothing will be modified in the image itself and it will burn without the Anti-Piracy interruption.

And as always, this is for educational purposes only, done only with my own legit OS, etc., etc. wink