It's no secret that we've been working long hours revamping the site, new sections and tons of new code all make for may new options.

While we wait to get the jobs system revamped, I'd like to take the time to let you know that we're going to do away with the "News Staff" job title and instead replace it with "Content Providers".

The "Content Provider" job will have plenty of options, either you'll monitor news posts on the forum (by our content aggregation bot) and prune duplicate items, or you'll post new content that you find on the web.

ANYONE can post new items, but "Content Providers" are those who will basically pledge a couple of hours of their time per week to add new content to the site; the site is after-all a marriage of everyone's time and effort, from users old and new.

To add new content you can find a "Submit" link on all of the main pages, or the "Submission" section on the navigation bar of the main site.

A couple of sections we'd like to focus on (for the time being) is Video Syndication (with videos from Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and MySpace) and Site Articles.

We're also going to be working on porting all of the content from the old archive to the new archive (and the new articles system) later on in the year (as there is a lot of content to be ported over).

It's my goal to dramatically increase our web presence by the end of the year; it was drastically reduced over the last year while we coded the new systems, but with the new systems we're feeding new data to Google as it's added to the site (via SiteMaps).

So if you've got some time to spare, we'd love the help! Just let me know if you're interested, and what type of items you'd like to help with. My EMail and Private Messages are always open to you.

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