We removed public access to the old Archive system due to it having several vulnerabilities that we just didn't have the time to patch; I felt that if we had to go and patch something that I might as well just make something secure from the get go, and that's precisely what I did...

The downside however is that I had a lot of help from the old members inserting the old (ancient) data from the original design from BlackBeard into the old system; and I just haven't had the resources to add it all into the newest system.

I found out today that they finally patched (well, a 3rd party developer) most of the exploits for the old system... So, we're going to be re-activating the old archive and old kbase until all of its data can be added to the new systems.

It'll take some time for the areas to be re-crawled by search engines, but it'll have to do for the time being.

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