ok, so i wanted to get back into programming in assembly. i started a long while ago but never got really far, as i think i tried b4 i was really ready to start it. anyway, i've been searching around for tutorials and stuff on it. and well, i don't know where to start. i see lots and lots of different things. i read one where i could compile my assembly programs using gcc. others use nasm. then there's inline assembler and intel. i understand, that mostly, assembler will be different depending on which system you have. looking at nasm it seems pretty good. but b/c it seems to be very cross platform, does that make it more bloated than the others? seeing as how if i'm programming in assembler i'd prefer to keep it as small as possible. also, i've been calling it assembly and assembler. i've seen it both ways. do they have different meanings, or are they interchangeable?//

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