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Joined: Jun 2006
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Joined: Jun 2006
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Hi all,
I got my first warning, OK.

I need to write a tutorial on a specific subject.

Before I go on about the subject, it's to do with Server/Database and Scripting that specific Server.

This is not a "let's see if it works" type of thing.
But if I am allowed to explain, ONCE for the interim of this idea then see what goes.

Why did I choose this forum ?

Because it came up first in Google.

Joined: Mar 2002
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Joined: Mar 2002
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Um ok, well we aren't here to help you with your homework assignments there kiddo. Do your own work. We aren't gonna help you hack, and it's obvious that you aren't looking to write a tutorial. If we came up first in a Google search, you probably were searching for how to Hack or some stupid illegal [censored].

"Remember how much fun you had shooting spitwads at the teacher in seventh grade? Imagine applying that kind of attitude to actually [censored] with Mitsubishi!"
- Jello Biafra
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Joined: Jun 2006
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No, I came to a hackers page as a last resort.
I don't want to hack and have no interest in hacking.
This is a neiche concept and it's never been done before if you guys just listen.
We are "Renegade" to, just a differnt use for the computer.
But the IT industry in our world of things is shafting the crap out of us.
All we need is our own idependant number crunchers.
But I need to explain and you need to have an open mind initially at least.

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Joined: Jun 2006
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I read between the lines that I am now suppose to get this mesage across.

Since finding this place a few days/nites ago, and the cause was very real, not only me but alot of us in a silent way, "our backs are up against the wall"
Someone "heard" something of what I was about to do.
This may have upset some issues and vested interests
in our world of things.
All the same, we are users of the software we depend on our income, no matter where the source of that income is derived from,( and it's legal, I am not here to have asked to rob a bank)
I came here because we are being robbed and the only way possible is to "fight back" uiosng the same software they sell us, but it's really useless crap that resembles "a go-cart in a sidewhow with governers and time limits"
Yet, the knowledge, or the RAW knowledge came from people like me and my mates.
These other type of programmer are the real culprits in the IT world who make me and others look the "bad guys", simply because their wallets say so. Underneath though, well, " give me an even playing field buddy and let's see"
To have this "even playing field" in our world, would take an enormous amount of resource to get it up and running, initially.
Once it's up and running, all we ( the robbed) then need is NOT to learn HOW to build the "tool",
but HOW to script it.
We would still have to RTFM it. There is no doupt about that and I would not have it any other way because I have worked pretty dammed hard since 1993 when the PC came in my life as a number cruncher to assist with the work I do.
Then it gets exploited and the tools we need are now "leased" with catch 22 deals.
Our privacy is gone because we HAVE to ise their tools and those tools use FREE information but sold back to the users of those tools !!!!!
Well now, is that so ??
In real life, I am [censored] Brat.
What I do for a living, or what was one a "living" is aken to brats, or smartasses, or precisely,
The Gambler.
More precisely, The Horse Player,
and those make it all worthwhile, the actual
seed of the money flow,
The Punter.
Without the proffesional punters, there will be no [censored] horse race.
Pre-ineternet days and when it was guts,grit and real numbers angainst the Punter and The Bookmaker,
these thieves or our worth and knowledge were probably a bunch of useless drongos working for the man.
What tools does The Punter require to regain back their stolen "Edge" ?
We need a major Server/Database/Script Editor
It needs to be built on a similar concept like a free open source web browser.
It is too huge a task for one person to do it alone. I know this because I am the ONLY one known to have a server of this type.
The programmer, who I have the upmost respect delivered according to my blueprints, but ge could not stay around to teach me and his clients HOW to script the Server.
It still works ok, but it's breaking down.
I may have to resort to other software to do my work as a proffesional gambler, but on principle I lose my Edge and so the rest of my mates, and those I don't even know yet.
If this interests so far, this concept of a Server/database/Script editor and facilities to have plug-ins for all other propreity software can be pluged into the server, and utilized by the scripting, then we re-gain our "edge" before it is lost forever to the IT industrie's " want to know how you calculate your wins" brigade.
NO, I have seeded the concept and I have come to "underground" to ask what I am saying is logical solution in prionciple ?
I don't care if anyone does not like horse racing, that is not the question.
If, let's say this concept is "born", then tutorials need to be written specific for the server on how to build one, and how to write it's scripts.

I have the basic "layman blueprints", the type of server which is the same as I am using here now, and the methods of how how the real time information comes from.
I can prove on any day the races are on in my partm of the world ion real time the logs it produces, the selections of the horses that might win, in real time, before the start of a race.
Not saying it win all the time, but that is up to who ever writes the better script !
And THEN I will challenge the thieves of our ideas and mathematics in what we do. Only THEN I will say, this is fair game, thois a level playing field.
NOT by the crappy [censored] software you sell us on YOUR terms, Mister Programmer who steals our work and mathematics off OUR forums in the disguise of,
"we can help youu".

We help our selves,we play races and it is the ONLY place I know where "a Spade does not have to be Spade, and that is between the Bookmaker and the Punter !
A programmer has NO PLACE WHAT SO EVER to hoodwink
the Punter's tools in the guise of a racing program with a convenient "use by date"

End sub

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Joined: Mar 2002
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Well that was a really confusing thing to read, what I think I got from it, is you want to write a program that will help you bet on the horse races ? Is this correct ?

Unless you try something to which you have not already succeeded ~ Then you shall NEVER grow
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What you just read is reality.
This is not a call to make a horse race program.
I do not need a horse race program because I have what I need, yet it's broken down.
Now that I have chilled out a bit, because this is an ongoing saga that's boiled and spilled over in our industry.
But I am layman, in fact I do have a degree in mechanics, and this is why I find it very very difficult to convey a message in IT level.
Also, I am Greek and the english is not so good.
But now I will try and write the message as best as I could.

The concept of a Server/Database/Script Editor
is relatively un-heard of until now.
It is the use of technology at it's peak and can sustain changes.
Unlike what I had to endure since 1993 till now, the constant changes in the IT world, and our early programs are now obsolete, yet 1+1 will always still = 2, no matter what "the next best" thing comes along as far as a piece of software is concerned.
All I am trying to convey is a way to halt the exploitation of our industie's primary reason the industry exists in the first place.
Otherwise it's just a horse race for the love of the sport.
The exploit is the convenient ways certain programmers have sort of taken over and sell there software that is basicly useless.
Not only that, now it'sa the way it's sold.
For example, we need prices, certain prices that show up on certain bookmaker's web pages.
This crafty programmer who jas now made a name for himself, pertaining to "help the punter", just the other day tried to sell his "next best thing".
The catch was, pay for the program first, trial it, and if we do not like the program he will refund our money.
Well hang on, am I supposed to give some stranger all my details, test his new software and then refund my money if I don't like the software, but on the other hand, we NEED those prices he is getting for us so we can do our stuff with the spreadsheets ?
Is this tactic a "catch 22" type of thing to give our personal details out ?
is this the way the IT industry is going to operate on it's consumers ?
If this is the case then, and it has spilled over to the racing industry, well I need to speak up on it.
I don't need to buy his software in anycase, but it's the principle.
That scenario is one prime example of many others and it stinks of exploitation.
The "sheep" may go along with it, but us.
Seeing this exploit is growing, and seeing there is not much of a solution except to offer for free time, my method of racing software that I designed and paid for, because I do not get any cistomer support anymore either.
I paid, he delivered, and the programmer is now no longer in support of his product.
Whether it's racing or not, that's not the point.
To solve the exploit, well I have though about it and it will solve it once and for all.
Don't say to me ( anyone that is) to RTFM, because I have. I enjoy what I try whatever else to learn to do my racing.
But when I purchased develpopment software to make my own tools, I HAD to say exactly and specificaly there is a web page and i need it to do rada rada.
Because that web page was a racing web page and I needed prices and result figures to go to excel, I was asked to move on, they don't want newbies around that want to do what otherwise they know best, and that is punt on the horse !
Is that a sin ?
What am I suppose to do, hack ? learn programming to gack into a bank ?
Am i suppose to learn to hack into some obsure place on earth for information I have no use for ?
Is that what the IT industry is all about for the off-beats like me ?

My solution makes sense, and that is all i want to really come here and talk about, talk about the server/database/script editor at a technical level, an inteligent level as if in my real trade as a mechanic I would be advixing the engineer "these tools need this and these tools need that",
irrespective of what "car" I am going to fix or drive.
It is NOT about horse racing entirely, but it's the punters in the horse racing industry is where I am coming from.

I hope this makes better sense, let me know if I need to go on further.

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Update !
Solved !

Unbelievable what I saw today !
All I have been advised to do in the past 5 years with my "blueprints" and all I have been led to believe and trust IT developers within the past 5 years with their advice and quotes runnning into thousands of dollars, and being led to believe my processes require server/datbases and script editors,( which I paid for) those very same proceses were solved today in under 3 hours using a spreadsheet and a few tricks of the programming trade.

It restored my faith in humanity.

The fact is,I never sold out on my "Edge".
The programmers who have been hoodwinking the rest of us Punters have yet to get my "methods" or my "Edge", still.

But honestly people, for those who give damn, I hope to convey this as Winston Churhill spoke those famous words, "Never, Never Give Up, Never".

It may work 2 ways, Never give up to steal my "Edge", and I will never give up to guard my "Edge" either.

Thank you all kindly for allowing me to speak to the silent winds of some place called "underground", for me this was going to be the start of my, *******, ( never to be repeated)

Bye for now.
see ya at the races and hold on to your "edge".
( just dont mess with mine,
I have no need
to mess with yours,
I know who you are.)
Never mind the cryptic, someone knows exactly who I am talking to.

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What the [censored]?

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What part don't you understand Ghost ?

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