I got the point and thanks for all of your responses. I (as many) had the wrong idea of what a hacker is, the hollywood thing I guess. I feel I may have started some disagreements though. Honestly, I couldn't put in the time to learn to be proficient at hacking or programming. Full time job, father, working on my house, playing guitar, etc. You might say that computers have been a hobby of sorts for the past 5 yrs or so and I know my way around windows more than most but that's about it. I like cool software, audio editing and related, track recording, etc. and that's about all I do with it. I think this forum is cool and if I have a question, this will be the place I come. BTW, the ex-wife thing was a joke. I actually get along with the woman! (most of the time)

If you enlarged the nucleus of an atom to the size of a basketball in S.F., the electron's orbit would pass through Phili, PA. What's in between? Other dimensions. Freaky!