I have been having problems uploading through ftp. I only upload to my comcast account webspace, and comcast=[censored], so that might be the problem. I can't remember the error code, and now it isn't even giving me an error, but is says "No data had sent." Now, when I upload it says it is fine and file size is fine til I upload something else and it changes to 0.

I figured I would knock out 2 in 1. This is another problem I am having, java applets are not working for me. Ever. Comcast has a java applet for uploading, but i hate it. And if I can't have both work one would be nice. Anyways, it might have been something i did in the registry but I don't think it was. I use IE 6 in win2k pro.

Thanks for any help guys. if you feel i should have done more searching then i guess just close this topic and eat meh wang. smile