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I know of a spam company...

Posted By: acid45

I know of a spam company... - 04/08/04 10:18 PM

We all hate spam, sad to see these things around in your very own city frown

The guy is an [censored], he screams at pregnant women, 2 weeks expecting, to get into work! Everyone working for him are on free workterms with a college and are required to bring their computers to his place of buisness where they don't do what the school thinks they are doing, if they go to the school they won't graduate no other places for them. Kind of a "last minute" place. He spams people using e-bay in particular. He failed to notify people that their workterm was over and if they worked for him any longer he had to pay them...for about a month. If anyone working for him had a way to graduate and not work for him they would.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: I know of a spam company... - 04/08/04 10:33 PM

But, spam tastes so yummy :x...

sounds like a jackass imo
Posted By: acid45

Re: I know of a spam company... - 04/08/04 10:37 PM

To bad there isn't anything that can be done about it. What he does is technically legit, until next year anyway.
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