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If you could interview anyone...

Posted By: Gremelin

If you could interview anyone... - 09/29/09 03:33 AM

If you could interview anyone in the IT sector (may it be a person, or someone in a position; may it be in the Gaming sector, computing, operating systems, etc) who would it be? What questions would you ask (say, 10-15 questions)? What would you want to know about what they do, who they are, etc?

I ask, as I'm giving thought to a "Q&A With Information Technology" system on the main site, where you'd have the chance to ask anyone anything. We'd do the scouting, the presentation, etc. but you'd get the chance to get your questions answered...

What do you say?
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: If you could interview anyone... - 09/29/09 03:39 AM

Hmmm, tough question. But I think I would interview someone from the darpa-net project that could tell me if the internet was all a gov't conspiracy. Or maybe I would ask the DES encryption guys if the gov't contacted them about weakening the cipher =p
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: If you could interview anyone... - 09/29/09 03:50 AM

Psh, I need more questions than that boy! :x
Posted By: hollymolly

Re: If you could interview anyone... - 04/08/10 01:21 AM

Probably somebody in the department of homeland insecurity about what their really doing to America.
Posted By: ericcrain

Re: If you could interview anyone... - 11/29/10 10:52 PM

If I interview someone I would like to ask about the academic project that is done during the academic curriculum. Because it points out the efforts and the knowledge and the dedication that is produced during the project period. And it clearly states the subject knowledge of the person.
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