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Posted by: Chem

Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 06:13 PM

Hey People,
Iím posting all of the websites, which could come in handy to a programmer, Penetration Tester, Hacker, Phreaker ect ect - security tools and exploits - vulnerabilities, tools and information Á my Personal Favorite, Thousands of tools, files, exploits, advisories, ect ect - Security exploits and news - primarily a Unix site for news and exploits - security information, tools, vulnerability database and mailing lists, - a great site for security tools and documents - security information and lots of links - huge archive of hacked websites - general security site, news, exploits, mailing lists ect - SilentRageís server where I upload random files for no real reason.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 06:32 PM

My dox are on attrition! hehe... Search for TelcoNinja's, it was back when TN and UPIN were feuding, they straight droped my dox on a website lol... Fucking attrition refuses to take it down too hehe...

Oh, and for note, its heh...
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 06:59 PM

heyyyy you forgot to add the most important one:


see ya'll
Posted by: BackSlash

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 07:22 PM

thanks for the list chem, i'm sure it will come in handy. black^pimp, seeing as how we are already at ugn, i suppose chem didn't see the need to drop the url.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 07:28 PM

he coulda droped the .org or .net hehe...
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 07:50 PM

BS i know that man but come on.. can't we joke around sometimes ? it's not against the rules i guess...

P.S. Giz are you gonna drop that email or what ?
Posted by: Chem

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 08:54 PM

where the hell has this thread gone? [?]
Posted by: spectre

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/20/02 10:06 PM

[shameless plug]

rrfn, an old ugn spinoff, did this a long time ago. check us out at put a search in for what you wanna look at (ie: security, java programming, newbie linux), and it comes up with a bunch of sites, and tells you whether the sites have popups, pr0n, no ads, etc. It also gives a description of each.

if u wanna browse the list, check out

[/end shameless plug]

sorry about that...uhh...i was "just trying to help"....yah, thats it.
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/21/02 06:24 AM

i was browsing probably the full PROMODTECNOLOGIES network today and i find it really really good and educative.

The search is also great.

as far as i know Le4rner is the sys admin right ??

just some suggestions for him...

1. You really really definitely need a better site design and layout.

2. You need some better banners for every member of your network, especially for the RRFN !!!

and so on..
Posted by: Le4rner

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/21/02 03:43 PM

Here is the entire RRFN data base.... 24
This site contains a number of resources to help you with your free software printing problems, including the Printing HOWTO, a support database, a project list, printer vendor scorecards, Foomatic, and more Clean HTML 33 is one of the better know hacker sites on the net. Wargames, winamp skins and more... Banner Adds HTML
Tom's Hardware 142
A great hardware review site. Has price comparisons, everything you could ask for. Banner Adds HTML
AnandTech 143
Like Tom's Hardware but, in my opinion, has a better lay-out. Anoter must visit site. Banner Adds HTML
Agilent networking offers 146
A site that offers free network, cellular, and telco, protocol maps. A MUST visit for anyone slightly intrested in telecommunications. Clean HTML
[H]ard|OCP 326
One kick ass site for hardware. Has a pretty good reveiw section. Banner Adds HTML
Ars Technica 327
Ars Technica. Power users and the tools they love, without computing religion. Oh yeah, did we mention we are unassailable computing enthusiasts. Banner Adds HTML 378
provides detailed arcticles about just about the function of just about anything. Includes both software and hardware. Banner Adds Text
Site-X 379
A fantastic compendium of tutorials, articles and other tips created by the finest authors. Banner Adds Text

Carnivore 14
A news article about the FBI changing the name of Carnivore. An intresting read.,,s2084347,00.html Banner Adds HTML
Carnivore FAQ 15
This document provides some answers (or sometimes just guesses) to common questions posted about Carnivore Clean Text
Dutch Security Information Network 32
A highly informative Dutch security site. Clean HTML
AntiOnline 35
Access To Thousands Of Programs In Our Archives - Access To Thousands Of Security Related Text Files - Read And Post To All Major Security News Groups - Interact With Thousands Of Other Security-Minded Individuals - Get Immediate Answers To Your Questions In Our Chatroom - Customize AntiOnline To Suit Your Needs - Be Automatically Entered Into All Of Our Contests Banner Adds HTML
Pulhas 36
Bend Over 'coz we're right behind you!! Clean HTML
w00w00 39
w00w00 was created over three years ago. We have members in 5 continents, and 11 countries (Australia, Argentina, Canada, Japan, France, Russia, England, Spain, Sweden, Germany, USA Clean HTML
Security Writers 43
Are you the security enthusiast hungry to express your thoughts, ideas and experiences? Or are you looking for the experienced ones to answer your mind-boggling question(s)? This is for you Clean HTML
@stake 44
@stake offers a full range of digital security consulting services for innovators whose growth and success depend upon the development of secure electronic relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Clean HTML
SecurityFocus Corporate Site 45
SecurityFocus Corporate Site a pay site with great info and research on networking security. Clean HTML
Neohapsis 48
Neohapsis... defending the digital horizon. Clean Flash
CGI Security 51
information security intelligence, information risk management, information peacekeeping, influence technology, web attack, Information Security, Industrial Espionage, internet security, computer security, exploits, intrusion detection, information security, hackers, hacking, penetration testing, network assessment, vulnerability, packet sniffing, packetsniffing, buffer overflow, ecommerce, e-commerce, freeware, risk management, Secure Solutions, Banner Adds HTML
Hacking Truths 114
Hacking Truths: What they don't teach in computer security manuals!!! Banner Adds HTML
CounterPane Internet Security 115
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. is the innovator and world's leading provider of Managed Security Monitoring (MSM) services. The company was established in 1999 by entrepreneurial expert Tom Rowley, and security technologist and best-selling author Bruce Schneier, to address the considerable risk left by relying solely on security products. MSM combines people and technology to safeguard your business. Clean HTML
Packetderm 123
The Computer Professionals' Reference - specializing in computer security and education. Clean HTML
Wardriving 124
WarDriving is a collection of information and resources pertaining to the activity of driving around in a car searching and pinpointing the location of wireless networks in metropolitian areas. Banner Adds HTML
Fate Labs 125
Good security site. Well known. Recomended by TBG Clean Flash
Symantec AV 150
One of the best AV sites around, constantly updated with great info. A definite must see for virus info. Clean HTML
VirusMyths 151
"learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria, and the implications if you believe in them. You can also search a list of computer virus hoaxes & virus hysteria from A to Z" An interesting read. Pop ups and Banner adds HTML
Virus List 152
Just what the name says, has a lot of virus info/news. Banner Adds HTML
Free Public Proxy Servers 231
A huge list of free proxies, often updated. Easy to find a working one. Banner Adds HTML
Seifried Security Resources 235
A treasure-trove of knowledge here, including LASG. Clean Text
Sygate Security Scan 237
Test your net security out here. This scan will only probe commonly used services and protocols. Clean HTML
Linux Mandrake security updates 254
Advisories, for both security and non-functional packages, are essential for a smooth-running system. MandrakeSoft recommends that all users upgrade to the packages issued by any advisory to prevent problems with your system and unauthorized intrusion or denial of service attacks. Clean HTML
Debian Security 257
Debian takes security very seriously. Most security problems brought to our attention are corrected within 48 hours. Experience has shown that "security through obscurity" does not work. Public disclosure allows for more rapid and better solutions to security problems. In that vein, this page addresses Debian's status with respect to various known security holes, which could potentially affect Debian. Clean HTML
Wiretapped 267
Wiretapped is an archive of software and information covering the areas of host, network and information security, network operations, cryptography and privacy, among others. We believe we are now the largest archive of this type of software & information, hosting in excess of 20 gigabytes of information mirrored from around the world. Clean HTML
Bitshift 268
Several well-written texts and programs concerning wireless, sysadmining, and security. Clean HTML
Gpg Tools 278
Gpg Tools is a Mac OS X graphical interface to the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) utility. It provides approximately the functionality of the old PGPtools. It is freeware. Clean HTML
ZoneAlarm Firewall 297
Millions of users have selected ZoneAlarm as their trusted Internet security solution. The award-winning personal firewall automatically blocks dangerous Internet threats - known and unknown - guarding your PC from hackers and data thieves. ZoneAlarm provides the basic protection individuals need to secure their PC and keep their valuable information private. ZoneAlarm makes it easy. Unlike other personal firewalls, ZoneAlarm protects automatically from the moment it's installed - no programming required. ZoneAlarm delivers simplicity without compromising your security. Getting Started tutorial explains Controls and Alerts to get you up and running quickly. And, to keep you confident that you're always protected, intuitive color-coded alerts rate security risks - in real time. Clean HTML
OpenSSH 302
OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools that increasing numbers of people on the Internet are coming to rely on. Many users of telnet, rlogin, ftp, and other such programs might not realize that their password is transmitted across the Internet unencrypted, but it is. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other network-level attacks. Additionally, OpenSSH provides a myriad of secure tunneling capabilities, as well as a variety of authentication methods. Clean HTML
GRC Sucks 325
Grc Exposed Banner Adds HTML
W32.Klez Removal Tool 350
[email protected] is a generic detection that detects variants of W32.Klez. Computers that are infected with [email protected] have most likely been exposed to either [email protected] or [email protected] Clean HTML
Sniffin' the Ether 377
"A long time ago I wrote the first incarnation of this document. I was aiming at something that would explain sniffers and sniffer technology to people who are not all that familiar with security (i.e. newbies) as well as providing a accessible reference to more experienced individuals." Clean Text
Window File Wiping Utilities Miss Alternate Data Streams 382
File wiping utilities for Windows NTFS file systems only deal with the primary data stream and do not wipe the alternate data streams, thereby leaving data intact. Clean HTML
Secure File Wiping 383
By overwriting the data with random junk, the ability to recover it is next to impossible. Clean HTML
The art of cracking software 386
So how many times have you wanted to make that great app yours for free? Wouldn't it be great if you had got the registration key yourself? The answer is, you can get the key. In techies' parlance, you have to crack the program. Welcome to cracking! Clean HTML
textfile with W32dasm6 demo 392
Lord Clito's "How to get an editable disassembly-textfile with W32dasm6 demo ." An idiots approach anyone able to move the 'puters mouse should be able to follow. Clean Text 12
Free classes on computer related topics. Hey they are free. Highly recomended!! Pop up adds 13
Free classes on computer related topics. Includes C & C++ HTML, Java Pascal & Delphi, Perl &CGI scripts, COBOL Worth the click Banner Adds
informit 40
A great web design site, Articles on the latest greatest design technologys. Banner Adds
About Computing & Technology 50
About computing and technology. Get hot news, helpful advice, key links, and invaluable perspective from our expert human Guides. Banner Adds
Code Box 53 is a member of the box network. a recomended site indeed. Pop ups and Banner adds
Programmers Heaven/Assembler 54
A page of links on Assembler language Banner Adds
Programmers Heaven/Basic 55
A page of links to help you learn basic programming language Banner Adds
Programmers Heaven/C++ 56
A page dedicated to C and C++ programming language Banner Adds Text
Programmers Heaven/C# 57
A site dedicated to C# Banner Adds
Programmers Heaven/Delphi & Kylix 58
A site dedicate to Delphi & Kylix programming. A good read. Banner Adds
pergesu Java Tutorial - Part I 59
Welcome to Part I of this Java programming tutorial. This first part is an introduction to Java programming, it will cover only basic stuff. It is mainly to acquaint you with Java's syntax, as well as learn some of the basic functionality of Java. Clean
Java Lesson 2 by: pergesu 60
Awesome! Welcome to the next part of the series; glad you're here. If you're reading this, I assume you've already read my first tutorial or have some knowledge of Java Clean
Java Lesson 3 By: pergesu 61
If I remember correctly, the last thing we did was loops. You also learned all the different primitive types (int, float, char, double) and how to use them. Clean
Java Lesson 4 By: pergesu 62
Last tutorial covered writing simple applets. It didn't show you a whole heck of a lot, but you learned the basic structure of an applet. You already know quite a bit, so you could have plugged some of that in to new applets if you wanted to try your hand at em. Clean
Java Lesson 5 By: pergesu 63
In this part of the series, you will learn all about arrays and how to use them. Clean
HTML lesson 1 By: Learner 64
You will need the following for this lesson. 1.) A text editor. (something like notepad, ***Not Like MS Word***) 2.) An Internet Browser. 3.) A basic desire to learn html.
HTML Lesson 2 By: Learner 65
I rember when I was learning the basics. I wanted to get to the good stuff. Pictures and links and stuff that makes a web page a web page. Well thats where we are headed here.
HTML Lesson 2 By: Learner 66
In this lesson we are going to cover some of the most used tags in HTML today. We are going to learn about tables. Now tables give you much better control over where things go on a page.
XML Lesson By: WEISS 67
This will hopefully be as part of a larger circle of tutorials about html, perl, c++ etc. writen by other experienced members. XML Tutorial
HTML tags in alphabetical order 68
A list of all HTML tags I could think of to date
Speacial Characters 69
A list of speacial charaters and how to make them.
Color chart 70
When you're adding a color to your Web page with HTML, sometimes you can just type in the name of the color. But more often than not, you'll need to use what's called the hex code, which is something that the browser will be able to understand.
Scallions PHP MySQL lesson 71
This will be very simple and totally in the context of PHP lesson.
PHP Lesson 2 By:Scallion 72
PHP makes forms very easy. In perl you gotta parse the URI (variables in the address to the page) that the form sends. In PHP this is done for you. Let's start off with a form:
PHP Lesson 3 By: Scallion 73
All right: Here's a quick tutorial on files. let's say you want to include the text from a file in your page?
Posted by: Le4rner

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/21/02 03:45 PM

heh, gizzy if you want to feel free to make this a text for n00b's....
Posted by: Chem

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/21/02 06:31 PM

Hey Gizzy, why not put a sticky on this post, so it can be the place to post any and all useful websites?
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/21/02 06:51 PM

yea that would probably be good.
the database is really good and really usefull Le4ner...

btw: are you the admin of ?

P.S. Gizmo is tooo swamped with everything right now, so you better leave him CIP !!!
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/21/02 06:54 PM

Or guys listen, i've got an idea...

In the main UGN page where the Kbase and Fbase search boxs are, could we maybe put another search box there that will search RRFN eh ??

i mean so when somebody searches there, the results will be displayed at the RRFN site, redirection, ya know what i'm sayin' ?
Posted by: Infinite

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/21/02 09:24 PM

Yes bP, Learner runs Promod.
Posted by: Le4rner

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/22/02 05:31 AM

I would like that very much, However that realy isn't fair to UGN. I mean I like to think Promod is a sister site to UGN, however that would draw traffic away from UGN. However if Gizzy says cool(I doubt it) I would gladly go with this plan.

and BP. Yea I run the promod network, However each site on it is owned by another person

RRFN is mine.
Deaths Kitchen is Mustards
J-spot is pergesu's
Cerberus is about to be taken down
Prodesign is just a place to develop new scripts (I created it and need badly to update it)

I know I need banners badly, however I SUCK in graphics. If you wana help I can load you up with some software in return.
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/22/02 06:10 AM

deal done Le4rner, i'm really swamped a lot with some UGN stuff on what i have to work a lot and i will, so after i finish my current work than i'll get back to you for banners and everything else ok, you can count on me always.

You say it would draw traffic from UGN, well hmmm maybe in one hand, but we could also put a Kbase/Fbase search boxes on RRFN too for example.

one more thing Le4rner.
Can i also become a member of the PROMOD network by joining the network with another security site and so on, and a Web Design one too ???

see ya learner

Posted by: Le4rner

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/22/02 10:57 AM

Ummm. I realy hate to spam on here... Contact me via email or on my site.
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/22/02 04:58 PM

ok bro, but i asked you what i wanted, you should contact me now on my email..
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 12:51 AM

We're actually planning on having a "Helpful Sites" section on UGN after everything is straightened around...
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 06:00 AM

it sounds great Giz, so it will have only links to those sites, or explanations about what visitors can find on them and so on..
but anyway i like the idea.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 07:08 AM

Users will be able to submit URL's and after approval of "site moderators" it will be added...
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 07:46 AM

yeah that's cool. Will banners/graphics also be available for adding ??

I mean could users add only graphics/banners instead of the site links, or both maybe ?

Or maybe just a listing with links and site info.

Posted by: Le4rner

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 08:21 AM

As a site admin who has maintained a helpful links list for over a year now, I say can the freaking banner idea.

Imagine you are loading a page with say 150 banner adds. It would 1 take forever to load 2 would be annoying.

A well organised list can do plenty for those seeking knowledge.
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 08:24 AM

yeah i guess you're right..

i think that a list like the promod TOP SITES one could be helpfull enough, it's be great actually.

or maybe we should be looking forward to create a new script or something for this whole thing, something that would let users add their links, let site moderators/admins check them, activate them, remove them and so on...
Posted by: AlienTerror

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 02:15 PM

hehe this doesn't look like a forum....

it looks more like a chat=)

Here is a good page(for those who loves reading):
some crazy tips there.

and a great page with cracks:
[edit by unreal]

(the crack page is for those who like to crack the programmers programs and lots of other cracks=)

PS. sometimes it's good to buy the progs to...
You should show your thanks to the programmers by buying sometime [angel]
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 06:07 PM

no i wouldn't say that AlienTerror, what we're doing here is DISSCUSING if you know what that means, but anyway take it as you wish.

btw nice links.

Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Useful Web Sites - 10/23/02 07:34 PM

We'll have our own Top50 page. The "Helpful Links" page will be available to those people JUST with a link/description.
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