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Posted By: Cold Sunn CS Maps - 08/02/03 10:43 AM
I've made some Counter-Strike maps that haven't been tested by more than 3 people at a time and total. I'm looking for some constructive criticism. I set up a page to download them from,

Also, if you know someone with a constantly running CS server, or you have one yourself, would it be possible for them/you to run one of the two for a few days for extra feedback?

I'll add more maps as I make them.
Posted By: MESELF Re: CS Maps - 08/13/03 04:37 PM
dude....camping will always be considered lame. most people think it is lame to camp on awp map man. maybe it won't be at first..but once the map gets played everyone will hate campers on it.
Posted By: Cold Sunn Re: CS Maps - 08/13/03 08:23 PM
Thanks for the useless input. I will consider revising the map every time I find a Cadillac being rebuilt in my [censored].

The reason camping is not lame on that map is that it all deals with light and shadow. Active sniping is not something most people do. Instead, they do the normal thing and stay in pretty much one place and snipe. The different spawn points on the map have different roles, which are pretty obvious by the weapons placed in front of them. You aren't supposed to spawn on the top level, and run out in the middle with your Scout, that is stupid.

Are you supposed to time it right so that the enemy only sees you when you are in the shadow? Yeah, that makes sense. I only put the pitch black spots in the map because it adds to the ambience, not because they make good hiding spots.

It's not like this is a big map. You can see almost everything from most parts of the map. Obstructions are breakable and if you are hiding under the ramps, you are gonna be found pretty soon.

So like I said, thanks for the well-thought-out comment and your total understanding of the map. Now, to pull that Cadillac out of my [censored].
Posted By: hKzKnight Re: CS Maps - 08/13/03 08:58 PM
People always bash camping but camping was a [censored] art in Quake 1 for like deathmatch... Sneaking in the shadows and attacking. A sniper in CS should be able to camp some spots as team assaults... Makes good tactics like what a SWAT team would do. Anyway if YOU really want the maps tested then let me know (cuz i dun play CS nemore).
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