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What happened?

Posted By: Krap

What happened? - 10/04/04 05:05 AM

Hey I've been away for a few years, I've been wondering. What happened to Blackbeard, Titanium Fox, Optix Illusions, Kcore, IceDog, and the rest of the group? I see that Gizmo is in charge of it now, last time I was here, was before BlackBeard did the update on the entire site re-doing the java tree. Anyone know where any of them are? I'm looking for realistic answers here. I've only heard that they moved to a different place and they all disappeared. Anyone wanna shed some light on this subject?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: What happened? - 10/04/04 05:48 AM

Ti left due to work and didn't have time.
Beard sold the site to me and never came back.
Optix is now in the army.
KCore, not sure what happened to him.
IceDogg and a few others started another site, I believe it's now down.

Name a name and i'll tell you where they are wink ...

Some others:
Abnormality, still stops by the IRC every so often.
Posted By: Krap

Re: What happened? - 10/05/04 01:42 AM

Wow, sounds close but I've talked to a few other people and this is where I'm at on information now.

Titanium Fox is in Utah he left because he had to go on a mission but now he's attending BYU in Provo. He's studying engineering and we all thought he was older then he really was. Have contact information.

BlackBeard is in Miami and currently runs a hosting and development site. He's engaged now and is happy being away from the underground scene.

Optix Illusions is either in California, Oregon, Arizona, or Washington, I found recent pics of him in all places but I heard he's going to college wherever he is and he didn't join the army. Got some contact information on him too.

Kcore is completely unremembered, but I guess some people just disappear.

IceDog is in Germany going to college, he started up the site which was run on some swede's server with something revolving around a polar bear club.

What about Predator, Dunceor, Fleshwound, Glowing_Orchid, Jon Conely, Silent Rage, and well obviously you Gizmo.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: What happened? - 10/05/04 02:55 AM

Pred, Dunce, IceDogg and Optix started their own site which is no longer online.

JC and Fleshy stop by time and agian; Glow left; SR is always on the IRCd, as am I.
Posted By: Fire

Re: What happened? - 10/05/04 08:01 AM

Although i have never heard of many of these people, except for hearing about them in other threads, its kind of sad hearing about all these well known people growing up and leaving for some reason or another.
Posted By: Watuu

Re: What happened? - 10/05/04 03:06 PM

when did this site start?
Posted By: ?

Re: What happened? - 10/06/04 12:06 AM

The european contingent and Optix started linuxlamers but that didn't last too long. I talked to Optix in the linuxlamers channel a few months ago and I'm pretty sure he didn't join the army.

watuu: When I first joined the site it was like summer of 2000. By then it was already the second incarnation of the site and board, since Beard had made some changes to it. When I joined, there was only about 350-400 members. Back then everyone was a regular who contributed a lot to the site, now theres a few thousand people and like 50 that actually post every now and then. I'm not too sure on the exact date, but I believe it was in 99 when the site started.
Posted By: Krap

Re: What happened? - 10/06/04 07:29 AM

It was started back in 1995 by BlackBeard if I recall correctly. Most of the information revolved around global hell at the time (gH). A lot of information came from them as well as a few outside sources mostly based from the east coast. Titanium Fox joined in sometime in 1998, he helped a lot and helped to setup the K-base and webbboard. Then Optix Illusions was setup as a moderator and then an admin in 1999 or 2000, he and Gizmo worked together on the site for a while until something happened between the two and I believe since Optix Illusions had more control of the entire site he kicked Gizmo out. Later there was the IRC server and everyone, then I guess Gizmo bought the site and information on the site sometime in 2001?, and from there it's all a blur to me. I've come across this information which all seems to be the same from a decent amount of people. This is just what seemed to relate to each other. Correct me if I'm wrong about facts compared to opinion.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: What happened? - 10/06/04 07:50 AM

Gizmo did take ownership of the site back in 2001...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: What happened? - 10/06/04 07:52 AM

Optix did not kick me out; the other staff and I told blackbeard that he needed to remove Optix from staff or we where leaving; BB removed everyone from staff and I left. This was about 1998/1999.

I purchased the site in mid 2001; negotiations started in late 2000/early 2001.
Posted By: Krap

Re: What happened? - 10/07/04 01:22 PM

I heard from Beard that the decision was up to Optix and that's what he did. I mean I guess since it was up to Beard and he left it up to Optix, Optix kicked you guys off. But anyways yeah so I've learned that Optix goes to school in New York at Cornell
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: What happened? - 10/07/04 02:09 PM

We where removed as staff for stupid reasons; not like it matters as the stupid reasons are no longer visitors here wink
Posted By: Predator

Re: What happened? - 10/07/04 04:46 PM

Originally posted by Gizmo:
Pred, Dunce, IceDogg and Optix started their own site which is no longer online.
hehehe wait and see :p

ll went down due to some problems with the domain. It's going all slow cause we all are pretty busy with college etc. But we will be back.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: What happened? - 10/08/04 03:43 AM

Was wondering what happened to it; one day it's up and then the next it's all .htaccessed lol...

Can't wait to see what happenes to it in the future.
Posted By: unreal

Re: What happened? - 11/01/04 09:23 AM

Sorry to necropost, but Pred: Long time no chat on AIM. You still on?
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