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i book

Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

i book - 04/06/04 04:10 PM

hey our highschool has supplied the students with i book laptops and the teachers can get our screen on the xps with a program so if we arent doing our work they could see wat we are doing and i was wandering if there is a way to make it so they cant hook into our computer to see wat we are doing its very annoying devil
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: i book - 04/06/04 04:16 PM

You'd have to find out what software their using to do it.

Also, I'd kill for a few ibooks wink ...
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: i book - 04/07/04 01:34 PM

X-ray Photo-Spectroscopys? dam your school is rich.

Anywase do what i and other friends(i dont steal): switch to adhoc and have a freind switch to both. Or if your not using any thing on the net, aquire the airport card. It seems to solve the problem and gains some cash or at least a shiny dohicky.
Posted By: Defcon

Re: i book - 04/08/04 11:16 AM

Dude I wouldn't mess with it... I mean seriously think about it, the moment the teacher can't connect to your laptop, they'll either ask to see what you are doing or take it away to examine it and if you were caught messing with it, you'll be in a world of hurt. Damaging of School Property, which if it's a public school is technically town, county or state property... just do your damn school work kiddo, focus on punctuation and grammar.
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: i book - 04/08/04 12:56 PM

Duh, donít steal. I suppose that I had used the term friend too loosely. Colleague sounds more accurate. When one asks how to do something I understand and have experience with, I donít assume they have splintered morals, I give them my advice. I've never had a single problem with the adhoc/ad hoc trick. There are some 300 students logged on at a given time and all are guest accounts. No one notices one less user than what the congested sign in sheets utter. As an ignorant schoolboy, I am sorry for I donít comprehend the harms some have with informal English and non collated thoughts. I shall try harder not to disgrace others in the future. |blink|
Posted By: dashocker

Re: i book - 04/08/04 12:56 PM

Deffy, you spelled "grammar" wrong :x Who gives out i books? Can I live with you? A better idea would be to take random screen shots as you're using the program and set them as the background. Is that possible on a Mac? Then maybe make a program to detect the teacher's snoopin and automatically disappear all programs and set the screenshot background. I've got no experience with Macs (obviously) except like Number Munchers in 3rd grade, so I have no idea if any of my ideas are plausible. At least try to come up with a more clever/less obvious way of hiding your "work" and you might actually learn something :x
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: i book - 04/08/04 01:21 PM

A good approach on mac osX is to set up dual displays (similar to a Linux style). I keep my schoolwork on #1 and email and what-not on #2.

Never accept anything lower than a PowerBook.
Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

Re: i book - 04/08/04 08:13 PM

thanks for all your help ppl
Posted By: Defcon

Re: i book - 04/08/04 08:56 PM

Oh Jaspel I wasn't talking to you, I was informing "the Genestealer" that his plan may not be plausable. His school may require user names, and messing with stuff in a high school pisses people off. Teachers and Principals ph33r and don't understand technology, cross them and your [censored] will be in a world of hurt.
Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

Re: i book - 04/11/04 01:35 PM

k i was just wondering i wasnt actually gonna make it so they couldnt see what i was doing i just wanted to know if you could remove it
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