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Posted by: Cyrez

AIM PLUS - 08/12/02 03:15 PM

I rember this topic a while ago it loggs all your conversations and stuff... i searched for it but it wasnt the right one.. anyone rember the link??
Posted by: psychogen

Re: AIM PLUS - 08/12/02 04:08 PM

probably Trillian, it connects to 5 different chat serices at once and logs everything.

i think the site is
Posted by: Cyrez

Re: AIM PLUS - 08/12/02 05:12 PM

nope it wasnt trillion i dont like that.. it was a addon to aim called aim plus it logged stuff it was really cool..
Posted by: BackSlash

Re: AIM PLUS - 08/12/02 06:07 PM

i don't know anything about it, but couldnt you just use a keylogger such as the one available on ugn. it would record the conversations, well, atleast half of it.....
Posted by: Mornse

Re: AIM PLUS - 08/12/02 06:40 PM

Why don't you like Trillian? I love it, I can use AIM, MSN, ICQ and it logs everything. It's dope.
Posted by: Moffesto

Re: AIM PLUS - 08/12/02 08:14 PM

yes, aim plus is the shit.

get your copy of aim plus now - click here
Posted by: Velocity

Re: AIM PLUS - 08/30/02 07:54 PM

Aim+ kicks ass.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: AIM PLUS - 08/31/02 10:10 AM
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