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Posted By: Gremelin

MP3's - 06/25/02 04:15 PM

Aaight, I hear this song on my radio all the time when something stupid goes on, and I just conned the name of it outta one of the DJ's that I'm in pretty tight with, but he can't share the tune, and Kazaa isn't showing anything for it, since its not dealing with the MPAA its no use to them, so I'm woundering if any of you have seen it... Its called:

David Hallyday - He's my girl.mp3

I believe, i know the song name is "He's my girl" but i'm not sure if the artist is correct...

This song is helarious, its got this guy singing about his girlfriend having a dick, and he's doing it all mellow like, its royally messed...
Posted By: bor

Re: MP3's - 06/25/02 06:18 PM

i looked on audiogalaxy and its listed, but protected. Try blubster or some other p2p network.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: MP3's - 06/25/02 06:40 PM

Yeh i was thinking about that, but last thing i need is to install more programs...

I finally got that song that i had listed and its not it frown , from Ebro at the radio station, i was told the title is:

"he's my girl, he's my guy" or something, they don't have it on their site cas other stations gank content.
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