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quick question

Posted By: Quiz

quick question - 02/11/03 02:07 AM

what the hell happen to RRFN's FORUM? did it get owned?
Posted By: Crime

Re: quick question - 02/11/03 02:54 AM

yes, PWNED
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: quick question - 02/11/03 02:59 AM

Yes actually, someone exploited the YaBBSE code, as I told Learner that they would... Now if the son of a [censored] would be on AIM once in a while we'd have the problem fixed, but NO...

RRFN is Learners site, I'm just an admin of it, if its down for another night however they will be running UBB.Threads.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: quick question - 02/11/03 05:24 AM

I work 00:00 to 08:00 now. I am barely ever on line when anyone else is. Plus I can't FTP from work. I can send any file over a certain size out past our firewals. Hardware and software. /me crys

I am on AIM now.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: quick question - 02/11/03 08:51 PM

lol... WEll you need to be on between those hours prick boy lol...
Posted By: spectre

Re: quick question - 02/13/03 12:39 AM

o...quiz, u came to rrfn? sweet.

thats one more person that didn't post and caused the demise of the sight and the eventual disappearance of learner.


love your friendly RRFN co-founder
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: quick question - 02/13/03 01:18 AM

Lol... love you visage! hehe...

Learner sais he's going to be taking rrfn offline for a month or so for re-design pourposes.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: quick question - 02/14/03 04:06 PM

ok sorry to be so "off-topic" on the current conversation but I saw something rather disturbing on Gizmos signature!

[DarkNessX]: hey Gizmo Does linux come with a shell?

someone tell me that was not a serious question!
Posted By: Infinite

Re: quick question - 02/14/03 05:55 PM

Yeah psychogen, it was for real. It was asked in irc a while back. We almost all died. Haven't heard anything that funny in ages.

Posted By: Scalli0n

Re: quick question - 02/15/03 01:52 AM

Learner, I've gotten your IM's. Just haven't been online when you are usually. You can send a note through my site though.
Posted By: Quiz

Re: quick question - 02/15/03 04:23 PM

spectre... when i first signed up on RRFN. I posted right away then it got owned after 2 days i think.

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