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Forget flash

Posted By: §intå×

Forget flash - 10/08/04 09:42 AM

Anyone ever played with anark?

Get the plugin, then go to thier gallery and check it out. Impresive. 3D animation with the easy of flash. I got the 15 day trial for thier studio and it is sweet. laugh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Forget flash - 10/08/04 09:55 AM

Amusing, no FireFox support...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Forget flash - 10/08/04 06:39 PM

Give them time. Flash was slow growing. It dose support OSX. I cringed at the lack of alt browser support but think about it from a buisness stand point.

Windows comes with IE, They know most have IE. OSX is know to be graphic oreiented. As people write in and request Mozill support I am sure it will get there.

Oh and the studio can export *mpg, and *.avi files as well as the *.an files
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Forget flash - 10/09/04 02:44 AM

yeh, think of it from a business standpoint...
1. IE Stand Alone is no longer being worked on or supported.
2. IE does not follow web standards.
3. IE is buggy, slow, and pointless.

How's that for business standpoint wink ...
Posted By: Ice

Re: Forget flash - 10/09/04 04:05 AM

hehe i started using FireFox...

I dont know if u this has been happening with you guys, but some sites ALWAYS pop up some GAY error.. it has been doing it a lot.. it happenes at home, at the school. Is it IE ?

The error is something about a Expetion Error or some [censored]..
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Forget flash - 10/10/04 02:46 PM

Back to the topic, it's good to see webrelatated graphic development software that is true 3D. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Looks pretty interesting. Ill have to try it out.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Forget flash - 10/11/04 11:33 PM

I found an err... older version of the studio on bear share. I plan to give it a shot. The 15 day trial for the latest version 2.0 comes with some tuts to get you started.

And Giz, you can develop for more than a browser. It exports *.exe's and *.mpeg's and *.AVI files. Though for interactive I am sure it is browser(IE) or *.exe.

You could and some do 3d game development with this. So IE aside it has some serious uses. I hope to master it within the year.
Posted By: bosky101

Re: Forget flash - 10/12/04 12:50 AM

great... i htink it came out in may or something ... but do u think its got somethign new or just HIclarity vector animations ?!

PS:do post ur review spanky smile
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Forget flash - 10/12/04 02:28 AM

Get the player and then go here. This is all I have made so far. Not much but kind of cool. I have "0" 3D knowledge. It is just something I see a future in and have been meaning to get at least a working knowledge on.


Both are the same thing. If you do not want to use IE just go to the *.exe version and you can run the player as a stand alone app.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Forget flash - 10/12/04 06:43 AM

Pretty sweet dude :]
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