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different cons

Posted by: fleshwound

different cons - 07/15/02 04:30 PM

hey.. i have a question.. has anyone ever been to either Interz0ne or PhreakNIC?? they are both smaller cons... and since i can't make it to defcon.... cuz i didn't plan it far enough ahead of time... i wanted to know if either of these would be worth my time. cuz to go to either.. it's about a 17 hour drive for me. if you have gone.. please, tell me if it's any good!!

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Posted by: Gremelin

Re: different cons - 07/15/02 09:42 PM

For Defcon I think that Weeve and Herf and Gigabyte are hoppin a plaine to Portland and gettin me, then we're drivin to defcon in a uhaul that we're going to rent for 4 days... :x...
Posted by: fleshwound

Re: different cons - 07/15/02 10:21 PM

blah! i'm jealous! yeah.. i just realized that uh.. i couldn't go to defcon anywyas.. cuz i have a wedding to go on august 4th.... oh well.. i'll be there next year.. for sure!

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Posted by: bor

Re: different cons - 07/16/02 12:03 AM

I know a couple people who are going to interz0ne, but I wouldn't expect many people there.

parenomen is going from Team Phreak...may hand out some issues of npanxx or something.
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