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News Fader

Posted By: Gremelin

News Fader - 06/25/02 02:22 AM

Ok, I've had some sugguestions about the news fader, so we'll make a poll to see wheather it needs to be speed up or speed down.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: News Fader - 06/25/02 02:24 AM

i should have put who cares.. if u dont read it u dont read it, it dont matter, if u cant read it fast enough, wait for it to come up again, but just slow it down a tad bit.
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: News Fader - 06/25/02 02:49 AM

I put just right. I found with mine the speed varried by the browser and the version of the browser. Netscape is quick where IE is a bit slower. and Linux I belive makes it even quicker.
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