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Foreign Electronic Attacks

Posted By: Abnormality

Foreign Electronic Attacks - 08/03/04 02:22 PM

Most Countries the US are at "war" with right now are more focues on physical attacks, but how prepared do you guys think we would be to a major terrorist electronic attack? What would be the main focus on attack? Electricity, Banks, Water systems, ect. What do you guys think? =P
Posted By: cybernetic_killer

Re: Foreign Electronic Attacks - 10/12/04 07:44 AM

i say statcom's first, then electricity...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Foreign Electronic Attacks - 10/12/04 07:45 PM


lol um yea, I seriously doubt they will go for the hardest encryption/connection possible.

electricity has tightened after the black-out in New York a coulpe years ago, but still it is possible.

I would say most likely Banks. Wachovia had thier system comprimised recently. All kinds of thier customers had thier identity stolen. Shhh, I am not sure it is public yet lol.

Maybe Credit Berue's, Easy government targets, TV Networks maybe, (Though this would be a tough target too)

Terrorists are easy to figure guys. They are like water. They will take the path of least resistance. They are not super villians. It will be the target to impact the most people with the least bit of hassel.
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